Social Studies Gr. 6

Today’s Work Sequence

Government of Canada Website

Members of Legisature – BC

What Percentage of our Clothing is Made
in Low and Middle Income Countries of the Pacific Rim?

  1. Cover page with above question to explain your activity.
  1. Include your own Raw Data (Your list from home)
  1. Group List Include copy of the list your group made together.
  1. Bar Graph, Coloured with title and labels.
    Perhaps 4 largest country categories, one category for other Pacific Rim, one category for Non-Pacific Rim.
  1. Circle Graph – Coloured and labelled. Include a Legend.
  2. 6. Data Summary. Summarize your data in words.
  1. Conclusion: Why did you get the results you did?

Note taking:  Global Trade – pp. 182 – 187 (not p. 185)

1. Turn each heading into a question and answer it,

2. Define the words that are in bold
p. 184
raw material
manufactured consumer goods
trading partners
trade agreements



Causes of World Poverty

p. 73-77 in textbook
• History
• Forces of Nature
• Poor Resource Management
• The Poverty Cycle
• Global Trade

from handout:
• Poor opportunities in rural areas
• Lack of Jobs
• Lack of Hygene & Services
• Social Exclusion




Unicef’s Site for Syrian Refugee Children

My Day and Sita’s Day


  1. Intro
  2. Similarities between my day and Sita’s day
  3. Differences between my day and Sita’s day
  4. Reflection:


Link: United Nations Human Development Report

Learning About Refugees:


Our Questions About Refugees:

  • How big are refugee camps
  • How can we help to fix this problem
  • Do refugees get a lot to eat
  • What are the living conditions like
  • How do camps start
  • Where are refugee camps located
  • Do they have enough supplies and help
  • What do the camps look like
  • Why are they refugees

Play this game to see what it’s like to be a refugee: (need a computer, not a mobile device)

Organizations that help refugees: (International Committee of the Red Cross) (International Rescue Committee)

United Nations – Note-taking,

(p. 15 – 19)

Turn each heading into a question, then answer it.


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