Showing your learning:
Explain how a motor and a generator work

• Appropriate poster title
• Labelled drawing of an electric motor
Explanation of how it works underneath drawing
• Labelled drawing of a simple electric generator
Explanation of how it works underneath drawing
• Explain the relationship between an electric motor and a generator

Drawings: /10
Explanations /10
Total: /20


YouTube video: How to build and understand an electric motor

Comparing an Electric Motor and an Electric Generator





How does the number of coils affect the strength of an electromagnet?


1. Create a bar graph using the results in your observation table. Include:
– Title
– label axes (number of coils, number of paper clips)
– use ruler, colour
2. Describe your observations in sentences

a. Answer the original question .
b. What do you think would happen if you added additional coils?
c. Why do you think you got the results you did?



The Carbon Cycle and Our Most Important Environmental Challenge

This activity is to familiarize ourselves with the carbon cycle, and global warming (also known as the greenhouse effect).  A good strategy would be to take notes by watching these videos, and thus avoid the tendency of copying and pasting from online sources. By using our own words to interpret information, we can help ourselves to truly understand what we are studying. Click here for criteria:
The Carbon Cycle Criteria

A simple explanation of the carbon cycle:

A fast talking guy who explains both the water cycle and the carbon cycle in a cool way:

How fossil fuels were formed:

How fossil fuels were formed:

Global warming explained




Spirit Bear Pic by Elsen Poulsen, obtained through CreativeCommons









Critical Thinking Topics:

Why should we protect the GBF? What would be the benefits and the losses if we did not?

How does our habitat affect the way we live?

What can threaten a habitat?

Why should we care about habitats?

Alex R
What are some differences in how animals adapt to their environments?

What are the adaptations that a sea urchin makes to survive in the GBF?

What would happen if the humpback whale became extinct?

How does an animal’s habitat affect its survival?

How can human behaviour affect deer?

What causes conflict between humans and animal survival e.g. otter

What is the relationship between the gyrfalcon and its environment?

What can threaten the sea urchin habitat in the GBF, and how can this be prevented?

Alex M
Are wolves responsible for the decline in GBF deer populations? Would a cull help?

How can we help the auk to avoid extinction?

How can humans help the survival of salmon in the GBF?

How does the health of the Pacific Ocean affect the health of the humpback whale?

Why should we care about the GBF and the creatures, such as the murrelet, which inhabit it?

What would happen if the otter disappeared from the GBR environment?

Are wolves responsible for threatening deer populations?








GreatBearRainforest Essential Questions

Sample Questions












Criteria Sheet for Ecosystem Inquiry: Ecosystem Empire








Suggested work sequence for Ecosystem Inquiry:

  1. Take notes on your organism, organized by topic with headings.
  2. Create a table of contents for your book, placing headings in logical order
  3. Record your information sources in the bibliography template from the blog. (If you click on the template, open in Pages app.)
  4. Create your ecosystem flow chart
  5. Use as many helpful visuals as possible, including captions to explain relevance
  6. Use hyperlinks to incorporate video and links to other sites
  7. Add your own voice recordings to explain ideas.
  8. Begin thinking of a critical thinking question. We will work on this together.


  1. I don’t get what it means when it said in the electromagnet experiment conclusion, “Why do you think you got these results”.

    • Hi Lorenzo. Your results probably indicated that more coils around the nail made the magnet stronger, so the question is “Why do you think that the electromagnet picked up more paper clips when you added coils to the nail?”

      This is more of a thinking exercise, rather than giving a right or wrong answer. See if you can figure out your own answer or hypotheses to this.

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