Gauss Math Contest Past Tests and Solutions

Math Review – Linear Relations

  1. Graph the first four points for the following linear relation: 2n + 4
  2.  Using the graph, find n for
    2n + 4 = 18
  3.  Use visual symbols to show how you can solve 2n + 4 = 18.


The Transformation Game

Click this link to practice Patterns & Relations

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Gauss Math Contest      Past Tests and Solutions


Here is an excellent video that shows you how to rotate a shape by understanding how coordinates change when performing rotations in different quadrants of the Cartesian plane. this clears things up really nicely.

Click on the link below to find the tutorial on how to use equivalent fractions to solve percent problems:

Math Tutorial #1


Click on this link to see why the Area of a Circle is pi-r-squared:

Math Tutorial #2  This is a Google presentation. Under “view”, click on “presentation” for a  full screen view.

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