History, Exclusion and Visual Storytelling

Congratulations, Bloggerclass! Below is your completed and edited video of the Vancouver race riots of 1907. I believe that our participation in the Animating History program at the Vancouver Museum opened up our eyes to many things.

a) It made us more aware of history… all that has come before… things which we may have never heard about, yet have affected our lives.

b) It showed us how hurtful and wounding exclusion can be, whether it’s racial exclusion or even exclusion among peers.

c) We learned how to make a highly effective film with the simplest materials: paper, markers, scissors and glue. Well, that’s not entirely true. We could not have done it without the marvelous digital technology which we have become accustomed to.

Enjoy the film, and please comment. Possible comment topics include: history, exclusion, the race riots of 1907, the completed film which we made, the experience of film making or anything you learned from this experience. Looking forward to your comments,

Ms. Angel