Exploring the Ecosystems of Boundary Bay

2015-10-07 22.40.23

Learning from nature interpreter, Paul.

2015-10-07 22.37.59

Sea sponge from the intertidal zone. Yes, it’s very squeezable!

There is nothing like hands on learning from the natural world! It was a rainy, though mild day when our school bus ventured off to Boundary Bay… but the spirits of divisions 1 & 2 were not in the least bit dampened!

I so enjoyed seeing your curiosity and excitement, as our GVRD nature interpreters introduced us to some of the many life forms that make their home at Boundary Bay.  I loved seeing all those little mice living under their cozy log, after Paul rolled it over for us to have a look! They sure made themselves scarce quickly! What were some of the key discoveries or observations you made? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

BTW, click on the photos for a clearer view.

2015-10-07 22.35.57

This looks like a hermit crab that made its home in a snail shell.

2015-10-07 22.33.41

Our observant students discovered a rare find on the beach — June beetle larva!








Photo 2015-10-07, 11 56 12 AM

We discovered the black widow spider living on the logs further up the beach. The only harmful spider in BC!