Making History – the United Nations Climate Change Conference!


Trees – A key to maintaining healthy carbon levels. (Image obtained from CreativeCommons)

Hello, Bloggerclass!

Big events are happening on the world horizon in the coming days! In our classroom, we have been studying the carbon cycle and climate change, only just familiarizing ourselves with the science behind what is probably our biggest planetary challenge. I have asked you to consider possible solutions for climate change. Indeed, there are many changes that can be made to prevent further damage. But the entire planet shares earth’s precious atmosphere. In order to make these changes happen, we have to work together globally to make our planet safe for all life. History can be made the coming days!

From November 30 through December 11, 2015, the governments of more than 190 nations will gather in Paris The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Prime Minister Trudeau is on his way there as we speak.

Scientists have warned that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, global warming become will become catastrophic and irreversible. If our climate rises more than 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, and we continue to burn fossil fuels at the same rate we are doing now, we are heading for a rise of about 5 degrees C! That may not sound like much, but the temperature difference between today’s world and the last ice age was about 5C, so seemingly small changes in temperature can mean big differences for the Earth!  Source

It is absolutely necessary for participating nations to unanimously adopt a legally binding agreement that will reduce global carbon emissions and aim to keep warming below the 2-degree threshold.

Some Challenging Issues to Consider

  • Wealthy, industrialized First World countries such as ours, have created most of the climate change through history. Is it fair to ask countries like India and China, which until now have consumed less, to pay the same price as high consuming countries such as ours?
  • How do we balance the economic needs with environmental ones?  What role will business play?
  • How do we help countries which are already feeling and paying the price for climate change?

These are big issues to consider, and I invite your comments here. I look forward to following what happens at the United Nations Climate Change Conference with you in class, as we witness what I hope will make history… the countries of our planet uniting as one!

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