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An Architecture of Learning

  From our Leaving Ceremony on June 19, 2015 Dear Grade 7’s, Congratulations on your completion of elementary school! I feel your excitement so strongly, and this is one of the wonderful things about teaching grade 7. I witness and relive what it’s like to have so much ahead… so much possibility… so much anticipation […]

Musings on Term 2

Welcome back, Division 1! It’s good to be back at school to get ready for all the learning we’ll be doing this term! I’m looking forward to publishing more writing on your blogs. Hopefully, the school internet will be more reliable once our bandwidth will be increased next month. It’ll make it easier to demonstrate […]

A New School Year

To the Division 1 class of 2014/15: I write this before having met you, and I want you to know how much I look forward to spending this school year together. Due to the strike, we had a rocky ending last year, and a late and unusual start this year. This has been a part […]