Full Circle


Floor of the Great Bear Sea – Collaborative Painting by Division 1


Hello Bloggerclass,

We have almost completed the circle. Life is cyclical, and nothing more so than school! Each year we complete all the landmarks (First Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, New Year, Valentines Day, Spring Break, Sports Day, Lollapolooza, and more). These events are little notches in the circle, and they eventually return us to where we began, to start all over again. The talking circles we’ve shared this year also reveal the significance of the circle. The talking stick or feather moves around, eventually to return to us.

Of course, this coming year will be a little different from the usual cycle for the grade 7’s, as you head off for high school — something very new for you!

And grade 6’s, soon will be your turn to be at the forefront of the school, and take part in all the activities that come with being in grade 7!

I’ve very much enjoyed learning with all of you this past school year. You’ve worked together, supported each other, and shared your thoughts and ideas. We’ve shared many laughs, too. Thanks for a great school year, and all the best for the one coming. HAPPY SUMMER!                              — Ms. Angel

Happy January!


This is a graphic of the internet which resembles the universe. It is an actual visualization of every network on the Internet. The image was created by the Opte Project, and has a Creative Commons License for non-profit use. You can also find this image in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Hello, bloggerclass!

Here we are, already half way through January. I’m looking forward to the process and outcome of new learning in our class this term. We’ve been working steadily on our collaborative and hypertext Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Listening to your conversations as you plan the various plots of your group stories shows me that you can think critically about what makes a good piece of writing.   Your process seems to be going very nicely, and it’ll be great to soon be able to click through the various stories, and hopefully share beyond the classroom too!

We’ve started learning about Matter and Chemistry this term, and I’ve been happy to introduce what I’ve learned through the Big History Project, which I discovered over the winter break. Big History is a way of studying our world, from the dawn of the universe through to the complex and technologically evolved world we live in today. Natural history and human history are studied together. I love having such a broad view of the world! It also fits right in as we begin to study the earliest human civilizations!

I’m also looking forward to some fun in the snow in February. More on that later. Term 2 is well on its way…  Let’s get to work and play!


I’ve just added “History of the World in Two Hours,” as Julia requested. I’d still like to watch it together in class, but here it is, for you to watch at your own leisure.

Brilliant Colour and Continuing Activity

ColourwheelHello, Bloggerclass! So much has been going on on our class blogs! You have posted your memoirs, your thoughts on human rights in the novel, The Breadwinner, as well as your reflections on your personal history timelines. Many of you have also chosen to post about your personal interests, be it photography or cats! We’ve also been using the blog a lot for keeping up on assignment criteria on the ‘subject’ pages. And comments have been trickling in regularly.

The front page of our class blog has not changed in a while, so I’m  adding this little update, along with some photos of the rich colour studies you have created. Enjoy!







A New Start


A Pacific Tree Frog that appeared in my flowerpot one summer

Dear Division 1,

Welcome to you all! As summer ends, we once again begin a new school cycle. In my opinion, the beginning of  September is the real new year. It is new in many ways:

  • a new classroom
  • new classmates
  • new teacher
  • new learning activities
  • new friendships
  • new ideas
  • new ways of doing things
  • new extra-curricular activities
  • new school supplies
  • new physical and emotional growth
    …and lots more.

I look forward to getting to know you, and to begin our learning journey together. Where we go entirely depends on us. In this classroom, I highly encourage you to ask questions, to think, and to discuss your learning with your peers. Of course, we will be guided by the curriculum, and it is my hope and intention that what we study will, as much as possible, be enjoyable, meaningful and important to you. In my opinion, learning involves:

  • imagination
  • fun
  • creativity
  • open-mindedness
  • cooperation
  • collaboration
  • discussion
  • happy accidents
  • reflection
  • evaluation
  • checking in with ourselves
  • practice, practice, practice
  • struggle
  • friendship
  • concentration
  • organization
  • trust
  • acceptance

…and lots more. What can you add to the list? I would be very interested to know your thoughts on this. I would also be very interested to know about your reading interests. Here are some books that I have read this summer:

  • Break the Glass, by Sarah Levi
  • The Children Act, by Ian McEwan
  • The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion
  • The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory
  • My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferente

I also enjoy reading the New York Times and the CBC website on my iPad, as well as many blogs on a variety of topics including art, teaching, vegan cooking, the environment,  politics, and of course, blogs about books. I discovered a wonderful new blog this summer called “Book Riot.” They make wonderful reading suggestions and often include YA books.

And now I turn it over to you. What can you tell me about your learning journey, your interests, your hopes for the school year? Looking forward to reading what you have to say!

Ms. Angel