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A New School Year

To the Division 1 class of 2014/15: I write this before having met you, and I want you to know how much I look forward to spending this school year together. Due to the strike, we had a rocky ending last year, and a late and unusual start this year. This has been a part […]

Quality Commenting

Hi Bloggerclass, Great to see your comments coming in… Remember that a comment has much more meaning, when you say something about the writing itself. A few suggestions for meaningful blog comments. If you are complimenting the writer, do so in a specific way. Say what it is that you like about the writing. (You […]

Lots of Activity on Bloggerclass!

Hi Bloggerclass, Lots of publishing on our blog right now, and it’s great to see! Just keep scrolling down to make sure that you get to read everything. Thank you to all of you who have chosen to publish your memoirs! This choice enables us to truly communicate and to share our writing in a […]

“New Player Development” hockey camp scrimmage

Hockey scrimmage in the “New Player Development” camp After all the drills, we’re about to start the scrimmage. It’s colours versus white, and big kids versus little kids again. The pucks drops and the “colours” team get possession of the puck quickly and passes to another teammate. I start skating backwards and try to check […]

One Against All

For a second, I felt nervous. But then, it went away. The cold winter’s day was freezing the tip of my toes. Let me tell you the story of a winter concert that turned out to be a disaster. Well, at least for me. ________________ I was getting my saxophone ready when the junior band […]

My Best Adventure

At the end of July, my family joined a church retreat in Chilliwack for 3 days and 2 nights. My dad spent two hours to drive my family to Chilliwack. On the way, I fell asleep. When I woke up, a hotel was in front of my eyes. The church leader told us to put […]

Kayaking Catastrophe

It looked like the perfect little bay for a nice kayak. It had a beautiful landscape and glass-calm water. To be honest, it almost seemed too good to be true. After paddling all the way here, I felt that something exciting was just around the corner. In fact, I was hoping for it. Because of […]

Ah… Christmas!

This memory is special to me because it was such an amazing and exciting Christmas to experience, how could I not forget it?! So now, let me tell you all about it. It was a cheerful Christmas morning on a Tuesday. I had just woken up from a very deep sleep, dreaming about what presents […]

Hanging in the Trees

1 step, 2 steps, 3… suddenly I feel nothing under me, and I start to fall… 150 feet to the ground! I close my eyes and scream for what feels like hours, until finally I feel a tight jerk. I slowly open my eyes and see if any of my bones are broken, yet none […]

Opening day of the Lego Store.

A year ago, me, Kieran, Ayden, and my Dad went to the opening day of the Lego store at Oakridge center. Weeks before I found out one of my friends Rio is working there as a supervisor and that he might give us some information about events ahead of time. Just after school, Kieran and […]

Memoir ( Fright Night 2013)

It felt like I had waited forever for this Saturday night to come and now it was finally here. My seven friends and I had just been dropped at the corner of Hastings Street and Renfrew Street in Vancouver. The excitement builds as we hear screams and see orange and black lights of what used […]


When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the cold. It was freezing, and by freezing I mean like “wear fifteen layers or you’ll get a frostbite” freezing, which was weird because it was the middle of summer. I rubbed my eyes, looked out the window, and promptly screamed, waking up my friend […]

Never Ending Stairs

What was the longest stairway you have ever taken? Well, this summer, I experienced my longest. It was summer when I went to London with my family. It all started on a hot summer day at St Paul’s Cathedral. I gazed up at the 3000 meter ceiling, and the magnificent beautiful designs on the wall. […]

The Casual Camping Trip

“Wow! I can’t wait for our camping trip”, I screamed before leaving my house. Dashing to the car I dropped some things and needed to go back and collect them. Jumping into the car I got my seat belt on and was ready to go. ”Ugg” why is the trip so long? I thought it […]

Pranked – A Memoir by Justin

          It is a warm, summer evening, about two years ago. My brother and I are over at our friends (Josh & Ben’s) house. We have just finished eating a delicious dinner when Ben asks if we want to play a game of Man Hunt. Matt and I say yes, and Josh also agrees, yet […]

Cultus Lake Water Park

Cultus Lake Water Park I’m climbing up the huge stairs to one of the scariest rides in the water park. The more higher I go, the more I get overwhelmed with excitement and fear at the same time. This was my first time going to a big slide because; in the past I’ve been too […]

A Game Of Chess

Find out why my media life is like a game of chess! Hope you like it. A game of chess

My media Life is like a roller rollercoaster!

Copy of My digital media life watch my video!

The Key to the Internet

My Media Life

Word Choice Inspired by Images

Hi Bloggerclass, The next area of the 6 Writing Traits that we’ll focus on will be Word Choice. We completed quick writes at the beginning of the year, that produced some very lively writing. I’d like to repeat the process this time, and have your choose from the following Creative Commons Images. Click on the arrows […]

My Media Life- At the Playland!!!

Hi everyone,I had so much fun to make this video, my media is like in the Play land. I hope you enjoy this video! At the Playland

My Puzzling Computer Life

I had an amazing experience doing this project. I hope you enjoy my Animoto video. A Puzzling Computer Life.

My media life is like a turtle

my digital media life My media life is like a turtle because… well, you’ll see.

My Media Life Is Like A Tattoo

This is my media life video. I hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think. My Media Life Is Like A Tattoo

A Doorway to the Internet

This is how I’m connected to the internet! I hope you enjoy it! My media life…. Media Life (door)