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We are a grade 7 class from Vancouver, Canada, posting our thoughts, writing and other creative endeavors so that we can share our work and see what others are up to.


  • #   alexisdiaz on 09.28.14 at 8:28 pm     Reply

    hi ms angel i finished my letter to u and i am very excited this year

    • #   bloggerclass on 10.05.14 at 8:50 pm     Reply

      Welcome to the blog, Alexis. So good to have your positive energy!

  • #   Carson on 10.02.14 at 7:57 pm     Reply

    Cool, this will be a fun year!

    • #   bloggerclass on 10.05.14 at 8:51 pm     Reply

      Welcome, Carson. Yes, I’m looking forward to a fun year, too!

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