Getting Ready for Student Vote 2017

Hello Bloggerclass,

The BC Student Vote will take place here at Carr on Monday, May 8 — the day before the actual election. Your votes will be recorded and compiled with thousands of votes from students all over BC. In order to vote responsibly, and to prepare ourselves as future voters too, we have to understand the platforms that the various political parties are presenting. In groups, we will prepare presentations to share and inform each other.

BC Elections Research – Research 4 main BC Parties

  1. Who is the BC leader? Give background.
  2. Who is the candidate for Vancouver Fairview? (school’s riding) Give background.
  3. Logos, slogans, posters, ads, key messages
  4. What are the party’s main priorities and ideas?
    e.g. Education, Health Care, Environment, Jobs, Innovation, etc.

The Leaders Videos

BC Liberals Website

BC NDP Website

BC Green Website

BC Conservatives Website

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