History, Exclusion and Visual Storytelling

Congratulations, Bloggerclass! Below is your completed and edited video of the Vancouver race riots of 1907. I believe that our participation in the Animating History program at the Vancouver Museum opened up our eyes to many things.

a) It made us more aware of history… all that has come before… things which we may have never heard about, yet have affected our lives.

b) It showed us how hurtful and wounding exclusion can be, whether it’s racial exclusion or even exclusion among peers.

c) We learned how to make a highly effective film with the simplest materials: paper, markers, scissors and glue. Well, that’s not entirely true. We could not have done it without the marvelous digital technology which we have become accustomed to.

Enjoy the film, and please comment. Possible comment topics include: history, exclusion, the race riots of 1907, the completed film which we made, the experience of film making or anything you learned from this experience. Looking forward to your comments,

Ms. Angel

  1. I thought this project was very educational and it was very fun to make stop motion. I did not no about this exclusion but I know now that this affected Vancouver very much.

  2. I think these animations made me more about racism and discrimination because before I didn’t know that much about before 1900’s and this showed me way more about that century

  3. I learned that exclusion can lead to very bad riots, with guns and murder.
    I think this film showed me a lot about racism, exclusion,strike,and riots.

  4. I really enjoyed the process of making the stop motion movie. I would like it if we could maybe film our own stop motion movie with ourselves. I learned that Vancover wasn’t being very kind to the Asians because they were taking all their jobs.

  5. I learned a lot about the city’s past throughout this project, and I learned how to do stop motion animation. It was really fun to do as well !!

  6. I think these stop motion animations were really fun to make but at the same time I learned a lot. This field trip taught me about my past and tone thankful I live in a safe place with not much racism.

  7. I really learned a lot about the history of Vancouver and the Asian race riots. It really made me understand the racism and discrimination Asians had to face in 1907. I did however really enjoy learning how to make a stop motion animation video.

  8. After going to the, museum, I learned a lot about the history of Vancouver and about racism and the ani Asian riots. It was lots of fun making the scenes.

  9. The animation we created made me more aware about how cruel discrimination and racism is. However, although racism isn’t right, it is good to learn about. Overall good field trip!

  10. Through this project I learned how important it is to think about your actions and think how they can impact other people. In this case the actions of these rioters had a big impact on the Asian workers.

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