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Hello Bloggerclass,

Thank you to those of you who have published your memoirs and Human Rights essays as they relate to The Breadwinner. We have had some technical glitches to sort through, but I look forward to using our blogs more, so that we can share our work with others, and in this way also learn from each other.

Writing is not only a way to communicate, but it is also a great way to learn. When we transform our thoughts into words, sentences, and organized pieces… a little bit of magic happens! All those loose thoughts in our heads begin to take form, and they become fully-formed ideas, as they spill on to our paper (or computers).

Often times, we think that we have nothing to write about. However, if we take the time to pull our thoughts together and organize them, we come to clearly realize what we have learned. Taking that extra bit of effort to bring our thoughts forward makes all the difference! Let me know what you think.

Ms. Angel


  1. Hi Ms. Angel! I think that in your post you were writing about how writing is not just a simple way to communicate but a way to share your thoughts and to learn! I agree that I always think that I have nothing to write about but the more I think, I find a idea that is great to write about.


  2. Hi Ms. Angel,

    I agree and understand that writing is not only a way of communication but also a great way to learn. This connects to what we were writing about today because we made stories by just looking at a picture.

  3. Hi Ms Angel!
    I agree on how it takes time to pull thoughts together because that’s very true. It takes me time to think about what to write and what my topic should be. I also like how you said “It takes time to pull our thoughts together”

  4. I agree with you Ms Angel. I really like how you said ” it takes time to pull our thoughts together. I agree that writing is a good way of learning.

  5. Hey Miss Angel,

    I agree. Writing is definitely a great way to learn, and once we organize our thoughts, writing becomes a lot better.

  6. Hi Miss Angel,

    I agree how writing is not just a way to communicate but also a great way to learn. This is like when we write stories or descriptions on pictures.

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